A Time For Conscious Dreaming

A Time For Conscious Dreaming

When we enter into the gateway of winter we are invited to draw inwards, envision our dreams and birth new ideas. While I value these intentions, it would be missing the bigger picture to only focus on those aspects without recognising the importance of reflection first.

Have you been able to witness yourself this year?

2020 has been a period of going in and out of hibernation in ways that have totally misaligned with the earth’s cycle of seasons, alongside our own routines, rituals and plans. There have been positive and negative aspects to this. Perhaps this process initated changes we have been meaning to make. Letting go of control might have been a relief. Or we may have felt like we’d lost everything at times.

Being faced with these disruptions is an opportunity for us to gain insight on how we respond to things that are outside of our control. Fight, Flight or Freeze: it has been one heck of a journey for our nervous systems. All of us have been affected, whether you’ve found yourself busier than usual, feeling indecisive and stuck or emotionally charged.

How have you responded to the challenges faced?

For our ideas and visions to be authentic, it’s important that we spend time understanding where they are coming from. If we are building our dreams out of fear, attachment or what we think others expect, we may feel unsatisfied or unfulfilled in the long run. Feeling like we don’t have any desires can be revealing in itself: are we connecting to our emotions, giving ourselves enough free time and self care? There is no need to judge what’s coming up and how we respond. Through quiet and compassionate contemplation we are able to recognise patterns and grow perspectives, bringing us moments of personal and collective realisation.

What is dreaming, without realisation?

Whatever this next phase holds, I invite you to embrace this winter as a time of intimate inquiry. Let’s support each other’s process so that we can grow our dreams more consciously from a place of trust and truth.

As inner sight develops, illusions are shattered and dreams become intergrated. Clarity opens into greater consciousness. May we sit with the peaceful knowing that our visions can be woven in the service of collective transformation.

A Winter Day Retreat

These ideas are the inspiration behind this next offering to you. We will explore our connection to authentic desire & intuition through movement, relaxation, journaling and sacred sound. This will be an in-person event running on Sunday 13th December, 10-5pm at Dunsden Village Hall (assuming we are able to by then*). All are welcome to join and I can’t wait to share this day with you.


Get in touch alice@alicemayyoga.co.uk

*If we are not, then the event will still run at a future date or refunds will be given.


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