About Alice

Climbing trees since she could walk, Alice has always been active, up for an adventure and deeply appreciative of nature. She was first introduced to Yoga as a way to unwind and de-stress from the fast-paced nature of studying in London. A few years later, when a family member became ill, Alice related to Yoga more as an empowering, healing practice; one that helped her find autonomy in tricky times and continues to bring balance and connection to her life.

This process took her on a couple of trips to India and she has since explored many forms of Yoga and practices that have evolved from it, including Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Primal Vinyasa and Yin. These teachings have also inspired her to delve deeper into other connected forms of self-expression, including drumming, singing and journaling.

Alice has been teaching since 2015 and loves the self-inquiry these practices create space for, sharing them as a foundation to remember, find steadiness and thrive. This journey has often taken her outside the realms of traditional Yoga; weaving in  layers of natural movement development and somatic explorations. She is often out running, wild swimming, hiking or learning T’ai Chi and Qi gong.

“Moving in lots of different ways is one of the routes to embracing our wild bodies and lived experiences, helping us to grow and evolve beyond linear patterns of being.”

Based in Reading, UK, Alice holds classes, workshops and retreats. In 2019, Alice founded the Earth Living Festival, which first took place in a Caversham Court Gardens in Reading. As a celebration of wellbeing, art and nature, the festival creates an outdoor space for collaboration and innovation within the wider community.

Alice has an academic background in English and Drama, which has led her into project managing events with non-profit organisation, Outrider Anthems, and writing content/blogs/short biographies with Story Terrace.

Alice celebrates the sacred earth traditions and enjoys learning about Celtic mythology as a way of remembering her roots and connecting to the land beneath her feet.