Online Yoga Packages

Introductory Offer for Live Online Yoga this week

23rd – 29th March

As public venues close and the words ‘isolation’ or ‘distancing’ begin to  dominate our language, is it any wonder there is a rise in fear and  anxiety? And yet, as social creatures, we are all learning to adapt to  new ways of being. How can we stay connected as a community and support  each other? For many of us, practising alongside one another is what  makes yoga so important. And this is why lots of teachers are now setting ourselves up to teach live classes online. While this is unchartered territory for many of us yogis, the good news is now we can practice together no matter where you are in the world. Bring on the global yoga community!

Online monthly memberships go live in a few days and full timetable begins next week!

What makes this different to pre-recorded online platforms?

These sessions are all streamed live, so it will be a similar learning environment to an in-person class. You will also be practising in a community with others at the same time – and if you choose to keep your video on during the session I will be able to give you personal instructions, feedback and specific visual/verbal cues.

If you would like to join the classes please pay via Paypal below and I will add you to the list.

Alice May Yoga Paypal

Getting online

Please don’t be put off by the technological aspect to all this- it really is very simple! All you need to do is download Zoom (free to use) and once you have made the payment for the classes I will add you to the list for this week.

Feedback from my online classes so far

“Thank you it was a great substitute and you are as fab a teacher as ever online, clear, encouraging, natural.. It really helps in this weird world to have some stability and certainty.”

As this is a new venture for us all, I would appreciate any feedback you have on the classes and online structure. Looking forward to an e-practice together soon J