Primal Vinyasa™ Workshop: Fundamentals

Saturday 13th June 2020


Break free from habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within your body.

We are naturally dynamic, strong, flexible, and deeply intuitive. Our bodies are born to move, but in our modern world too much repetition often leads to stagnation, injury and pain. Healthy movement is a diversity of movement. Primal Vinyasa is intelligent, functional mobility training that will teach you the skills for more advanced poses while transcending the boundaries of traditional yoga practice.

Tap into your strong center through a thoughtful progression of strength training and mind-body-awareness practices; remember your innate capacity for relaxed, balanced, and powerful movement.

Primal Vinyasa is split into 5 categories. In this workshop, we will explore the first category: Fundamental Movement.


Breathe, Rock, & Squat

Breath initiates life and informs the fundamentals of movement. Early-stage development skills tune you into your body’s natural reflexes. Reconnect with your true, functional core as the source of your life’s evolution. Explore the most fundamental anatomical positions for the human body, strengthening your three-dimensional core, and increasing range of motion in your joints.