Rest & Nourish Collection

Rest & Nourish Collection


How often do you let yourself relax?

This collection invites you to take some time to rest and regulate during these colder months of hibernation.

It brings together restorative, yin yoga and yoga nidra practices for you to access at your own pace at home. These are ideal for the slumber of winter as a time of drawing inwards and gathering energy.

Included in this Collection:
• x6 Yin and Restorative videos (1hr 15 mins-1.5hrs)
• x2 Yoga Nidra (40 mins)

Some of the components to these practices include guided meditation, relaxation, gentle movement, embodiment, breathing techniques, restful yoga postures, self-massage, energy lines/meridians and visualisations.

Why not set yourself the intention to do one of these practices every week for 8 weeks?

Props: It is useful to have blankets, bolsters, blocks, cushions and straps available to support you. However these can all be adapted with chairs and belts/scarves.

Please note: These videos are all recordings of live practices that were filmed between 2020-21.