Types of Yoga

Yoga builds flexibility and strength in muscles, bones and joints. It increases mobility and decreases stress through calming the nervous system. For this reason many find it has a positive impact on mental health. Yoga can improve the function of internal organs (e.g. digestion) and help increase focus.

Wake-Up Flow

Begin your day feeling refreshed and motivated. This class combines breathing, mobility & strength with Yoga postures and fluid sequencing to energise your body and mind. These flow classes are designed to build heat in your body, however lots of variations are available making this an inclusive practice.

Embody Yoga

An explorative approach to Yoga, including functional/non-linear movement, mobilisation and some flowing sequences. Different philosophies, hand mudras (gestures) and themes may be shared as sources of deeper enquiry and inspiration. All are welcome to join this collaborative, co-creative space.

Primal Vinyasa

Break free from habitual movement patterns and experience the authentic, natural wisdom within your body. We are naturally dynamic, strong, flexible, and deeply intuitive. Our bodies are born to move, but in our modern world too much repetition often leads to stagnation, injury and pain. Healthy movement is a diversity of movement. Primal Vinyasa is intelligent, functional mobility training that will teach you the skills for more advanced poses while transcending the boundaries of traditional yoga practice. All welcome.

Lunchtime Yoga

Often we spend long hours in the same sedentary positions while at work. Take a break to mobilise and re-align your body and mind for increased calm and focus. You can do this practice at your desk using a chair, (or wherever you feel comfortable).

Dynamic Vinyasa Flow (intermediate)

Vinyasa Yoga synchronises breath with movement and means ``to place in a special way``. This class is an invigorating flow of yoga postures, functional core/mobility and progressive sequences which we develop over a period of time to support peak movements. This is a very active practice and most suited to those who already have a regular flow yoga practice. Ends with a long relaxation.

Restorative Yoga

By slowing down we enhance our capacity to heal. In these sessions you will explore different positions from light twists to forward folds and gentle backbends; all of which emphasize that resting is a practice in itself. Soften into the support of various props; bolsters, straps, blocks and eye pillows. These props fill the space outside of you, in between your bodies and the earth, so you can discover the space within. While you are supported for long periods of time in each position, your muscles relax and we move into the parasympathetic nervous system. We close with a long somatic relaxation or Yoga Nidra (up to 30 minutes), which gives us embodied self-awareness. All welcome.