Types of Yoga

Yoga builds flexibility and strength in muscles, bones and joints. It increases mobility and decreases stress through calming the nervous system. For this reason many find it has a positive impact on mental health. Yoga can improve the function of internal organs (e.g. digestion) and help increase focus.


A steadily placed class that includes various breathing exercises (pranayama), various meditation practices and yoga asana/postures, all of which contribute to physical and mental wellbeing. In each themed session we explore detailed alignment principles, by applying our modern understanding of how the body functions to traditional Yoga postures. Myths, stories and aspects of Yoga philosophy are often shared as sources of inspiration & creativity. We draw to a close with restorative positions and/or long relaxation. All are welcome to join.

Restorative Yoga

Restorative Yoga is about giving you the time and space to completely relax. Space is filled with props to create space inside. During the time that you are held by the support of props, the muscles start to relax and the parasympathetic nervous system switches on. This practise enhances our capacity to heal and is also simple to engage in, with typically 6 postures in each class. Light Twists, forward folds and gentle backbends, all of which emphasise that resting is a practise in itself.


A set sequence of postures that begins with the Primary Series. It is a strong fusion of movement and breath through sun salutations, traditional standing postures, seated postures (including many calming forward folds) and inversions (backbends, shoulderstand etc.). This form of Yoga helps develop discipline and the set structure of the series often encourages students to take up a self-practice.

Vinyasa Flow

Originally developed from Ashtanga, Vinyasa Yoga engages with the same principle of synchronising breath with movement. This can be gentle or dynamic, depending on the teacher's intention. Alice's vinyasa classes are a creative and invigorating blend of traditional asana, primal movements, core-stabilising actions and functional mobility (with a few surprises and along the way). We explore all ends of our mats, break the linear movement patterns yogis can sometimes fall into and play with 'peak' postures. These classes can be challenging and although modifications are included, if you are new to yoga we suggest taking a Hatha/Alignment Class first or doing a beginners course.