What do we mean by Co-Creative?

What do we mean by Co-Creative?

Have you seen this word a lot recently?

In the last moon cycle of online classes we have explored the dynamics of artistic expression, clear communication and instinctive flow. We have delved into the wisdom of sound by reflecting on our relationship to language, learning & articulation. This is all inspired by my own self-study on the Goddesses in Yoga, guided by the book Awakening Shakti by Sally Kempton.

The Goddess Saraswati from Indian mythology embodies our refined artistry. Is there something you have always wanted to do or try, but remain afraid or hesitant of? Saraswati represents trust in our intuitive abilities, while the swan she rides symbolises discernment (viveka). In my personal study, I have been reading about the myths and symbols of Saraswati, alongside practising her mantras and meditations to attune into this creative life force.

One question I’ve found myself facing is this: what is co-creation in the context of a yoga class? I began by writing my reflections in a journal, and that has now turned into the piece of writing below. I don’t know what to name it. My hope is that it will give you a flavour of what co-created spaces are, and the intention behind the embodied yoga classes.



We start with a direction.

A guided movement

An intention.

See what it becomes.

Interaction in the form of waking

Our Voices

Our Bodies

Dancing and


Created in this making.

As a collective, there is no “I” or “You”

Only “We”

Ideas emerge & sequences unfurl from study and practice.

This is ours.

Inspired by concepts and parts

We breathe the stories.

Inside of all our hearts

Each of us teachers and students

Embodying learning

Sharing this circle, for our movements,


and yearnings.

Let us be stirred as





Yoga is unity. Growing our awareness beyond punity.

Experiencing the presence of non-duality.

In this shared space, we grow together.

We know together.

Gesturing the truth through our connectivity.

These unique ways of understanding

Through expression that is uncommanding

Breaking down the hierarchy because




Wisdom is deep within us.

We show each other how to find it.

Reminders of our adaptability,


and alignment.

The sweetness is this process

it weaves us into being.

And it can never be finished





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