Why Primal Vinyasa?

Why Primal Vinyasa?

In light of the upcoming Yoga workshop this February, Alice would like to share the inspiration behind practising & teaching Primal Vinyasa and how it can support you in elevating your understanding of movement and the body in a fun and informative way. Here is her story…

Are you curious to explore embodied movement?

I have been practising yoga since I was 19, and have had a daily practice for the last 7 years. It is my bedrock. However, in recent years I discovered that through my Asana (yoga postures) practice I was creating a lot of flexibility and not much stability. I resisted changing what I was doing because it had worked like this for so long, but my body was beginning to show signs that this was no longer what it needed. I was unable to run without experiencing acute hip pain, which then led to occasional limping while walking. Instead of ignoring it or giving up, I began to explore why.

We are always changing, and so our approach is always called to change.

This was frustrating at times, because I felt like I was losing a major part of my identity that had provided me with so much inner support throughout my 20s. Yet I recognised lots of other people were experiencing similar aches and pains with their physical practice of Yoga, even those who didn’t consider themselves to be ‘flexible.’ Around the same time, one of my teachers (Sophie Cleere) was introducing a lot of functional movement into her classes and showing us the value of strength and mobility within the framework of a Yoga practice. I came accross Jules Mitchell who pioneers in the study of biomechanics and Yoga, (this article gives a more background to the research being conducted around the science behind stretching). All of these things shifted my perspective and allowed me to ask important questions.

It wasn’t long until I found Primal Vinyasa™. This is a balanced approach to movement, designed to help grow natural strength and stability, and map the body’s ranges of motion. Combining the awareness of Yoga with the intelligence of functional movement, this practice builds resilience. Rather than focusing on being ‘flexible’, it is about re-discovering your body’s natural movements that may have been forgotten throughout everyday patterning or conditioning. This is a liberating process in itself, inviting us all on a journey whereby we form a friendlier relationship with our bodies, and perhaps realise that the space we so desired to create, is already within us…

It is up to us to reclaim it through an embodied movement approach.

Primal Vinyasa™ has provided me with tools for a much more broader understanding of the body- knowledge which has positively informed my own practice & yoga teaching, while helping me to appreciate the longevity of our movement-span. It has taken me through deeper levels of self-enquiry through its elemental philopsophy and tools for reflection, as well as encouraged a further investigation of my own body. Since acquiring this knowledge I have changed my own approach to movement entirely; I now train with Raise the Bar Bootcamps to build strength in other areas and have received some essential 1:1 advice and training from The Movement Clinic. I can actually run long distances again- in fact- running has never felt so good! My body and energy levels feel balanced. I still practice and teach different forms of Asana, discovering ways in which this wisdom of movement mechanics & research can be applied into the mindful realm of Yoga, and its various practices (breathing, meditation etc.)

So, why am I sharing this story with you?

In order to access this integrated approach and offer its benefits to others, I knew I needed to study functional and natural movement development further…

This is why I trained and qualified to teach Primal Vinyasa™ last November-  I am deeply passionate about sharing it so that others can feel empowered & liberated in their own movement and bodies. The workshop below is open to ALL levels of experience, and complements a variety of movement practices. Yoga teachers may find useful skills and drills within the workshop that can be bought into their regular classes.

Workshop Dates & Times

Primal Vinyasa™: Fundamentals – Breathe, Rock, Squat
Saturday 15th Feb 2020, 1:30-4:30pm

For details on the contents of this workshop and booking please follow this link.

Deepest gratitude to Annie Adamson, (the founder of Primal Vinyasa), for her groundbreaking research and the community she is growing around this body of work.

I hope that you can join me and be a part of this movement!

Alice x

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