Winter Warmer

Do you need a break?

Slowing down is natural at this time of year. Trees let go of their vibrant coats, sap withdraws, and dormice feast on nuts and berries to prepare for their long hibernation. The ground is thickly carpeted with the golden crunch of leaves that bid farewell to autumn. And so the cycle continues…

Nature invites us to take rest; to retreat, make a nest and drop into the slumber of winter. It is a space for dreaming, letting go and receiving.

This is where I would like to welcome you in a couple of weeks time.

Join us on 26th November, 6:30-8:30pm at Dunsden Village Hall in Reading for a cosy evening of gentle movement, nourishment and relaxation.

You will be guided through a variety of practices, including restorative & yin yoga, techniques for regulating your nervous system, meditation, sacred sound, drumming and deep rest.

Stories, poems, reflections and songs may be offered as sources of inspiration. We will close the session with some homemade festive treats and tea together.

Bolsters, mats, blankets, bricks, straps can all be provided (and you are welcome to bring your own).

Spaces are limited due to social distancing, so please book in advance – 5 discounted tickets are available for early birds.
Everyone is welcome, and we would love to see you.